Monday, October 10, 2005

Quotes - Suitable career

"Make your passion your profession"

Thomas Carlyle,” The person who has found his vocation in life is a blessed human being. Let him ask for no other blessedness.”

Ancient Indian spiritual scriptures called the "shastras" have actually used a special word "Swadharma" for one's life's vocation.

India current President, APJ Abdul Kalaam, a man who has headed organizations in areas like Space, Atomic Energy, Defence.:-

“If you are a writer who would secretly prefer to be a lawyer or a doctor, your written words will feed but half the hunger of your readers; if you are a teacher who would rather be a businessman, your instructions will meet but half the need for knowledge of your students; if you are a scientist who hates science, your performance will satisfy but half the needs of your mission. The personal unhappiness and failure to achieve results that come from being a square peg in a round hole is not by any means new. “ In another part of the book Mr Kalam states, “ I myself would tell naviete engineering students that when they choose their specialization, the essential point to consider is whether the choice articulates their inner feelings and aspirations”

"People's hobbies are more their measure than their jobs." -- Robert Byrne, Byrne's Book of Great Pool Stories

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan on being quizzed on the secret of his success once remarked,” I consider myself lucky that early in life I could decide that I wanted to become an actor. I have come across several people in my lifetime who do not know what to do with themselves.”

In his autobiography, Tennis Ace Vijay Amritraj states,” I have been incredibly lucky because I have earned large amount of money doing what I like best. I enjoy the kind of business I do and I enjoy the kind of sport I play and I would always opt for the most enjoyable choice rather than the one offering the biggest financial gain. My one nightmare is having to work at something I would hate, just to earn enough to keep my family secure. I hope it never comes to that.”.

It was Thomas Edison who inspite of working 18 hours a day once remarked,” I never did a day’s work in my life.”

It was all fun.”.

On being asked the secret of his energetic, “full of bounce” life even in old age, actor Dev Anand said .” No drug can turn you on as your own work. I am always on the high.”

Abrahm Maslow. ”Peak experiences make a man healthy and only a healthy man can have peak experiences. Peak experiences are profound moments of love, understanding, happiness, or rapture, when a person feels more whole, alive, self-sufficient and yet a part of the world, more aware of truth, justice, harmony, goodness, and so on. Self-actualizing people have many such peak experiences. Not only are these his happiest and most thrilling moments, but they are also moments of greatest maturity, individuation, fulfilment - in a word, his healthiest moments. He becomes in these episodes more truly himself, more perfectly actualizing his potentialities, closer to the core of his Being, more fully human.A musician must make music, an artist must paint, and a poet must write." If these needs are not met, the person feels restlessness, on edge, tense, and lacking something. It is not always clear what a person wants when there is a need for self-actualization. After self actualisation comes transcendence which is to help others find self fulfilment and realize their potential. In the practical situation however , how can it ever be assessed to what degree and to what extent this has been achieved.”

“Choose the job that you love and you will never have to work for a day in your life.”

“Work is not part of life but life itself.”

"Choose your career not on the basis of what you know but who you are"

"The ideal career is one in which the personal profile, business profile and market profile combine"

“ The real tragedy of life is not being limited to one talent but in failure to use the one talent.” –Edgar.W.Work

“If one does not love work, one is truly unhappy in life. In order to be truly happy in life one must love work”- The Mother

“ Work banishes those three great evils, boredom, vice and poverty.”- -Voltaire

“When work is a pleasure,life is a joy, when work is duty, life is slavery.”- Maxim Gorky

“ As a cure for worrying, work is better than whisky.” – Thomas. A. Edison

“Education is helping the child realize his potentialities”- Erichch Fromm

"Education is the kindling of a soul, not the filling of a vessel"

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in a man”, said Swami Vivekanand

“In work, we have the possibility of discovering ourselves”

"Winners do not do different things. They do things differently. What is it that you can do differently?"

"Nobody is to be pitied as much as the person who gets nothing out of his job but his pay"-Dale Carnegie

"There are many people who select their occupations enticed by the wrong glamour of money or qualifications. Then they are trapped in the wrong jobs and may have to endure a lifetime of misery and suffering."- Anonymous

"Those who can do. Those who can't teach. Those who can't teach train teachers. Those who can't train teachers write teacher training textbooks. "- George Bernard Shaw

If you want to be happy for a day, go on a picnic.
If you want to be happy for a week, go on a holiday.
If you want to be happy for a month, get married.
If you want to be happy for a year, inherit property.If you want to be happy for a lifetime, choose the job that you like.


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