Sunday, December 25, 2005

Schizophrenic existence in the prime(youth)of life?

Hindustan times publication "Brunch" December 18,2005. has come out with an interesting article, "Life of passage" on people who were trapped in the wrong jobs and living a dual existence. Some excerpts:-

Writers from professions you wouldn’t think of having the literary urge.Doctors, lawyers physicists , bankers are joining the field of Indian writers. Writing in English has found an expressive “coming out”.:-

A doctor who has attended gunshot wounds in rural parts is now writing a love story about a health worker coming to terms with the unitedness of her and her profession.

A former policeman is using all that experience to write Noir.

The full time writer is a rare breed anywhere”, says Sashi Tharoor,who works for the united nations and is author of the acclaimed "The great Indian Novel" .

Mumbai based Armin Wandrewala author of The Turning and a lawyer by training “ Its not so much an inner need to be a writer as an inner need to write”

A software engineer told me he couldn’t bear the life he was leading. He spent a lot of time with that pain himself and his fiction came out of that.

Balaji Venkateswaran who debuted with the Novel, Rage studied Technology because of peer pressure, “Unfortunately it was never out of interest or love,” he admits. Lately, he has become increasingly reconciled to the Schizophrenic and sometimes varying co-existence of his life as a technologist and his life as a writer

A surgeon, Kavery Nambian, author of The hills at Angori “ My profession offers me endless opportunities for rich emotional experiences which I have used in my writing.

Rajiv Dogra a Diplomat has written the heartburns and difficulties for diplomats than most people realize

This is not a part of the article but since we are discussing writers, . The great Indian actor Balraj Sahni who was a businessman’ son was a career dabbler- his father’s business, a printing press, Sevagram with Gandhiji, Shantiniketan with Rabindranath Tagore, London as a Radio broadcaster , Actor in the Hindi film Industry and when still unfulfilled, he went to his native Punjab to write in Punjabi.

It would not be out of place to mention here that former Lintas Chairman, Mr Alyque Padamsee has written a novel “ A double life” where he explains how Advertisements financed his real passion, which was theatre.

Some famous writers-Horis-karl Huysmans, Henry Miller , Herman Melville, Sir Arthur Conann Doyle, Anthony Trollope ,Anton Chekov , Somerset Maugham all lived dual lives.

The thing is what happens if there is an extreme case who is not able to do a job efficiently. I suffered from various mental ailments(I could have lost my life thrice) for 20 years when a chance reading in a magazine article I realized that I suffered from a depression common to writers and poets. This implied that there was nothing wrong with me except that I was in the wrong job. The psychiatrist did her best to hide the fact and said that my poetry was not real poetry and that I was just rhyming. However, after some days there was a coincidence- I had written a poem on “Nuclear Energy v/s Spiritual Energy” which I had sent to a publisher some days ago. He wrote back that if I could write twenty five poems like that, he would publish them. The doctor sheepishly then admitted that I had the problem and even seven years later there is no real solution because I am still not in the right profession. What happens to extreme cases-those who are not able to do the wrong job with a reasonable degree of efficiency? Also those writers who are not able to write Novels which alone has big money.

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